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    Everyone knows that Carl Hiassen and HuffPost Weird News put Florida on the weird map.

    *puts on tweed hat* “Ah, yes, HuffPost Weird News. This thing I just learned exists today. Although that might be because I don’t read unpaid clickbait ‘volunteer’ pieces run for millions in…

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    Peggy is the best

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    Death Grips - we hardly knew ye, and yet you have left this world as quickly as you came up and got us. From the opening Charles Manson quotes on Exmilitary (okay, yeah, if you want to get technical, from the opening chords of a completely destroyed “Lightning’s Girl” sample on their self-titled EP that you did not hear about or listen to until after No Love Deep Web came out), up until the chopped and looped Björk groans at the end of the most recent release, you have confused us at every turn, annoyed millions of fans by canceling shows, and completely captivated us at every turn.

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    okayfinefairenough (mike) wrote a pretty great post-mortem on DG


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  6. i have an idea for a tv show


    okay so it’s like the walking dead 

    only instead of turning into zombies and coming back to eat the living after they die 

    people just die and then stay dead forever 

    and the hero is a cop who has to try to make sense of a world where the living turn into the dead and then nothing ever happens to them ever again

    and then we put them in the ground underneath our living cities and try to act like that’s not going to happen to us 

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    The audience that watches Kane make his speech is, in fact, a still photo. To give the illusion of movement, hundreds of holes were pricked in with a pin, and lights moved about behind it.

    Citizen Kane (1941)

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    "My kids are teenagers now, and they’re going off on their own. And you understand it, but it’s hard for it not to hurt. Like the day you realize you’re not allowed in your daughter’s room anymore. Or when your son doesn’t want you to show him how to do something. The relationship tends to ebb and flow between ‘help me’ and ‘leave me alone.’ But lately, it’s been much more ‘leave me alone.’"

    Bob Odenkirk has been wandering the streets of New York for weeks muttering about how his children no longer love him and no one’s doing anything about it

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  13. eternally in debt  to its-localbusiness-time for remembering to get replacements tickets today when i did not

    also holy shit i am seeing the replacements with my eyeballs

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    never forget